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Have a question about our Airport?

Chances are someone has had the same question! Our FAQ should be the first stop when looking for an answer to your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have collected answers to the most frequently  asked questions about using our Airport, travelling to and from our Airport, and many other related topics. 


How early does the airport open?

Please contact your airline directly to determine how early you should check-in for your flight. Each airline sets its own hours of operations, which are dictated by their flight schedule. The airport is normally open during all airline operations between 4:30am and 12:30pm (subject to change). The airport remains open for all airline arrivals or departures that may fall outside these hours. 

How long before my flight should I arrive at the airport?

Please check with your airline for specific recommendations. London International Airport recommends arrived 1.5 hours before your domestic departure, and at least two hours before your scheduled departure time for international destinations. Passengers on early morning international flights must check with their airline about when to arrive at the airport. 

What ID do I need to bring?

Every passenger flying requires a form of Government Issued Photo ID. Children under 18 have different ID requirements for different airlines, so be sure to contact your airline directly to confirm ID requirements for minors.


Travelling Out of London International Airport

How much does it cost to park at London International Airport?

Please check our                                        for more details. 

Can I get a taxi or limo when I arrive at the airport?

Our Airport partners with                         , who offers curbside transportation service at standard taxi rates to get your destination.

Can I charge my electronic devices at the airport?

There are power outlet locations throughout the terminal to charge your device, located in the publicly accessible part of the terminal and post-security. Specific charging stations include the information booth (visible as soon as you enter the north terminal entryway) pre-security, and the multiple metal trees (located up the ramp near the departure gates) post-security.

Is there a duty-free at London International Airport?

Our Airport does have a duty-free, and it does offer alcohol products for international passengers. You can purchase your duty-free merchandise at the Duty Free shop, located post-security, and your order will be delivered to you on your aircraft prior to take-off.

Do I have to go through Customs prior to departure?

London International Airport doesn't have pre-clearance for the USA yet out of our airport, however, with our continued support this service may be added in the future. 

picture of the info station in the airport terminal

While You Are Waiting

Where are the best places for aircraft spotting?

You can experience some great views of take-offs and landings at the Katana Café during regular hours of operation. We have also recently opened a dedicated aircraft spotting location just off Dundas Street, north on Creamery Road.

Is there Wi-Fi available in the terminal?

Our Airport offers free wi-fi to all visitors hosted by Techdoz. You can get information and instructions on how to access wi-fi 

Is there a chapel/church inside the terminal?

Our Airport currently does not have a place of worship available in our terminal, however, we are looking at adding a space in the future when more space becomes available.

Where can I smoke in the terminal?

In accordance with Federal Regulations, London International Airport has designated smoking areas outside of the terminal building. 

picture of the arrivals entrance door

Picking Up and Dropping Off

How can I find out if a flight has arrived?

Check our                                                          page to get the most up to date information on when a flight will arrive or depart. You can also check your airline's website to determine flight times.

Where is the best place to meet arriving passengers?

There are a number of places we recommend for meeting arriving passengers. You can use the cell phone lot to park and wait for a call or a text from your passenger, once you receive it you can drive to the arrivals area and pick up your passengers curbside. Another option is parking in our main lot (opposite the terminal building); it only costs $2.00 for an hour of parking, and once you have parked you can wait for your passenger in front of the terminal building. Due to COVID-19 we unfortunately cannot let any non-travellers into the terminal building.  

Can I drop-off passengers without parking?

You sure can! You will be able to drop them off at the Departures door, but you must stay in your vehicle, as there is no parking in front of the terminal for safety reasons. Please ensure you limit your time at the curb so other passengers can be dropped off close to the terminal as well. 

picture of the front of the terminal building


What are the current security rules for travel in and out of Canadian airport?

Your best tool for seeng travel tips and information on  which items you are allowed to take in your carry-on or checked bags is the  CATSA website. You can also check out our Security page for more information.

If I have an item that is not allowed through Security screening, what are my options?

There are a few options if you find yourself in this situation. Your first option is throwing away the item, we provide garbage bins close to the security line. You can also put them in your checked baggage, time permitting. Lastly, if none of the previous options are going to work for you, Security can help you mail the items to your home address for a fee. 

picture of the stairs up to the boarding lounge seating area in the terminal post-security

Lost Items

If I have lost something, who should I contact?

If you have lost something within the airport building please call 519-452-4000, or contact us at If you lost your item on an aircraft or in a taxi, you will need to contact your airline or the taxi company directly. 

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