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Airport on flight path for growth.

London International Airport

Wednesday, June 27 2018

Air Canada announces new Montreal service starting July 2nd.

LONDON, ON - Community leaders, business owners, travel agency representatives and airline staff are meeting with Air Canada this afternoon to discuss the addition of the new daily direct service between London and Montreal, and the importance of expanding air services for Londoners at the Airport. Air Canada's reaffirmation of support for the new Montreal service (which begins July 2nd) is important, and demonstrates to passengers that Air Canada is dedicated to providing them with convenient options to multiple destinations. Passenger can now connect through Montreal or Toronto (both are major Air Canada hubs) to anywhere in the world.

The demand for air travel in Southern Ontario continues to see significant growth, and projections suggest that within the next 20 years the number of passengers could be in excess of 110 million. This represents a doubling of passengers from the current 55 million that travel today.

"The market opportunity surrounding London Airport alone represents over 2.4 million passengers as of 2018," said Michael Seabrook, CEO and President for the Airport. "With a 2017 passenger count of 520,000 London International Airport is poised for an explosion in traffic if we can continue to add new air service options like Montreal, and if we can maximize community use of those services."

"We want to thank Air Canada for their show of support at today's round-table forum, and we hope to see even more support from our community going forward," says Seabrook.

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