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Plane Spotting Park Arrives at London International Airport

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Airplane enthusiasts now have a front row seat to London International Airport’s runways.

LONDON, ON – In partnership with local businesses, London International Airport (LIA) announces the opening of YXU Air Park, London’s first public plane spotting park. Located on Creamery Road, plane spotters can enjoy optimal views of aircraft landing and taking off from the most frequently used runway at LIA, Runway 15-33.

“London is home to a robust aviation community that continues to grow and many airplane enthusiasts come to LIA to plane spot” says Scott McFadzean, President & CEO of London International Airport. “We hope YXU Air Park inspires young enthusiasts on a family day out at the park, and offers the dedicated plane spotting community a place to comfortably park and capture photos!”

“One of our most frequently asked questions is where to watch airplanes take off and land” added Gerry Vanderhoek, Manager of Commercial Services & Passenger Experience. “As someone who grew up in London who also enjoys watching the action at the airport, we are excited to see with the help of our partners, the opening of the new YXU Air Park. The aircraft viewing area not only celebrates some of the key moments in London’s aviation history and our beloved airshows, but it also has some great information about how you can even listen to the aircraft while they are flying in the area.”

YXU Air Park is equipped with a parking lot and informational signage to educate park visitors on London’s rich aviation history, most common aircraft types to land at LIA and more!

A special thank you to the following park sponsors for their contributions to the YXU Air Park: International Test Pilots School (ITPS), Diamond Aircraft, Airshow London, Fanshawe College Norton Wolf School of Aviation, and M&T Printing Group.

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