London International Airport

Our airport is here to help you get wherever you want to go. Start here, go anywhere!

Our Story

London International Airport is the easy and comfortable airport. From our airline partners to our tenants, we provide the support and infrastructure necessary to foster economic vitality in our aviation community and beyond. We do this while keeping things easy and simple, from conversations to leases, to operations, and across all areas of our business. 

Our Mission

We are a best in class airport excelling in customer service, connecting our community to the world and contributing to regional prosperity and well-being. 

Our Values

To have true meaning, the values and principles adopted by an organization must be reflected in its everyday acts and communications. London International will exemplify the following principles and values in the conduct of its ongoing business activities to fulfill our organizational mission:

Employer of Choice

We are committed to being an inclusive, team-oriented organization which treats all employees with fairness, dignity and respect, and values their contributions. 


We will fulfill our corporate fiduciary responsibilities, work openly with our stakeholders and community, and be good stewards of our environmental assets. 

Customer Service

Placing the customer first expresses our commitment to the delivery of exceptional levels of customer service and value. 

Safety and Security

The safety and security of airport users and the protection of airport assets are fundamental to our daily activities. 

Creativity and Innovation

We will continuously look for ways to improve our processes and services and to provide new sources of value for our customers.