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London International Airport

Our airport is here to help you get wherever you want to go. Start here, go anywhere!

Our Story

London International Airport is the easy and comfortable airport. From our airline partners to our tenants, we provide the support and infrastructure necessary to foster economic vitality in our aviation community and beyond. We do this while keeping things easy and simple, from concessions to leases, to operations, and across all areas of our business. 

Our Vision

A committed airport community growing London International Airport into the premier airport in Southwestern Ontario serving 1.5 million passengers annually.

Our Mission

A focus on providing exceptional services and facilities, an aggressive attitude to business development and the provision of lean and efficient operations, will ensure the success of London International Airport. 

picture of airport comfort enhancer directing arriving passengers to exit

Corporate Principles and Values

Principles and Values define the culture of an organization. They define the standards of behaviour for management and staff, and signal to customers and stakeholders how they can expect to be treated by an organization. To have true meaning, the values and principles adopted by an organization must be reflected in its every day acts and pronouncements. 

London International Airport, in the fulfillment of organizational mission and the conduct of its ongoing business activities, will exemplify the following principles and values:

Team Commitment

We are an inclusive team-oriented organization which treats all employees with fairness, dignity and respect.

Stewardship and Environmental Responsibility

The financial health of the Airport, responsibility to the community and duty of care to the environment will be considered in all of our decision making. 

Creativity and Innovation

We will continuously look for ways to improve our processes and services, and provide new sources of value to our customers. Incorporating advancement in technology will be a consideration in all of our strategies. 

Safety and Security

The safety and security of airport users and the protection of airport assets are fundamental to our daily activities.


We will make things happen now and not wait for tomorrow.

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