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Measures are in place in response to COVID-19

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Flight Path to Recovery: Employees

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In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to evolve guidelines for employees and passengers using London International Airport facilities, to ensure a safe work environment and healthier travel.

New Requirements for Masks and Face Coverings

Effective June 1, all airport employees working at London International must wear a mask or face covering in public spaces except when eating or drinking.

While working in a private office or other space, masks/face coverings are not required only if 2 metres distance from others can be maintained. Those with respiratory conditions that prohibit wearing a mask/face covering should contact their employer for information on accommodations.

Note: Employers are responsible to supply their employees with masks/face coverings.

Limiting Terminal Access

Access to our terminal building will be limited to travelling passengers and airport employees arriving for or departing from work.

Should you need to meet family members or other acquaintances for any reason before, during or after the workday, please do so outside the terminal building. Family members or acquaintances are not allowed to meet airport employees in terminals for any reason at this time.

Physical Distancing

Remember, keeping 2 metres of physical distance is a critical step in reducing transmission of COVID-19. Employees must keep distance from colleagues and passengers whenever possible.

Gathering in Passenger Areas

To ensure physical distancing, employees must not dwell or gather in passenger areas for non-work reasons. Employees who enter passenger areas to use airport amenities should do so quickly and then leave the passenger area. Do not use passenger seating areas for resting or breaks.

Passenger Guidelines

To provide a safe airport environment for all, passengers will also be expected to observe guidelines on masks/face coverings when in the terminal and will be reminded to keep 2 metres' distance from others. Access to the terminal will be limited to passengers with a boarding pass or valid same day itinerary for travel; meeters and greeters will not be allowed unless the traveller is a minor or requires assistance.

We all have a role to play in creating the safest possible working environment at London International. Employees who observe others not following the same guidelines are asked to politely educate and encourage adherence.

Thank you for your ongoing support of efforts to provide a safe and healthy London International experience for airport employees and passengers.

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