Special Assistance

Getting Around the Airport

The airport is open between 5:00am and 12 midnight each day. When making flight arrangements always notify the air carrier either directly or through your travel agent if you require any special assistance. All airlines provide wheelchairs for passengers requiring assistance as they travel through the airport. Special arrangements can be made to help you at the airport and/or during the flight.

Drop-off/Pick-up Curb Location

There is a designated pick-up/drop-off location available directly in front of the Terminal Building, (half way between the Departures and Arrivals doors) to your make entry or exit easier. All doors are motion sensitive and will open as you approach them.


The Airport has a public parking lot located directly in front of the Terminal Building. The area of the parking lot closest to the Terminal Building is lined with accessible parking spaces. Parking is $2/hour, up to $15 for every 24 hour period and up to $50 per week (24 hours x 7 days = 168 hours). Our monthly rate is capped at $100, (based on a maximum of 24 hours x 7 days x 4 weeks = 672 hours). Any overages will revert back to the hourly rate again until the maximum is met.

Prearranged Waiting Area for Limousine, Taxi, and Private Pickup

London International Airport offers a designated waiting area for all passengers including those with special needs who are waiting for a limousine, taxi or individual passenger pick-up. There is a special pick-up/drop-off area location available directly in front of the Terminal Building for passengers with special needs. Taxi or individual passenger pick-up for special needs travellers can utilize this location. Checker Limousine provides limousine service to the Airport. These are on stand-by outside the Arrivals doors to the left. If there is no car available, either one of our Blue ACES can assist you in getting a limousine or you can use the red phone hotline that calls Checker directly (no dialling) located inside the airport near the Arrivals door. You must pre-arrange a Checker (Voyageur) that is equipped for wheelchairs or other special needs by clicking here or calling 519-455-4580 at least 24 hours in advance.

Car Rentals

There are four car rental companies located at the Airport. Contact them a minimum of 24 hours in advance to arrange for a rental equipped for special needs.

Escort Pass

For special needs persons who wish to have a family member or friend accompany them to the Departures gate, contact your air carrier for a special gate boarding pass. Restricted to one escort pass per passenger.


A Teletypewriter (TTY phone) is available at every Bell Canada phone bank in the Airport. The phone banks are located in the Arrivals area, by the Domestic baggage belts, in the food services area, and in the Departures Lounge. Additionally, the entire Airport Terminal Building is a wireless hotspot. This provides a wireless connection to the Internet for anyone that has an antenna - either in the form of a PC networking card or built right into a laptop or PDA (personal digital assistant). All you need is a Wi-Fi (802.11b) wirelessly enabled laptop or PDA. Just set your SSIDto: http://www.telusmobility.com/on/business_solutions/hotspot.shtml

Terminal Building

All passenger facilities are on the ground floor for easy accessiblity. Wheelchairs are available upon request from your air carrier. For a map of the Airport Terminal Building, click here. We do not provide volunteers or airport staff to assist passengers into and around the terminal building. Arrangements must be made with individual air carriers for assistance.

There are no specific areas designated as relieving areas for service animals. However, there are various grass areas located outside the airport terminal building and across the street by the parking lots. Please remember to stoop and scoop.


Washrooms are located throughout the Terminal Building, including in the Arrivals area, in the Departures Lounge and in the International Arrivals area. All washrooms are clearly signed above the doors, on the doors where applicable or beside the doorways. All washrooms are wide enough to allow for wheelchair accessibility and come equipped with special handicapped stalls and lower sinks with angled mirrors.

Passenger Embarkation/Disembarkation

Airlines make their own arrangements for the care of special needs travellers and assistance will be given in getting to and from the aircraft using either a wheelchair or the purpose-built lift vehicle.

For more tips for special needs travellers visit the Canadian Transportation Agency at https://www.otc-cta.gc.ca/eng/accessibility

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at info@flylondon.ca or call us at 519-452-4015.